The Real Health And Wellbeing Solution

The Real health and wellbeing solution. Because health is done 24h per day, 7 days a week and its more than just healthy eating or exericse - lasting results come from finding the activity, nutrition and mindset that works for you, making change easy and for ever!

UPLifting Wellness combines Personal Training and Life Coaching to get real, lasting results. Our trainers describe themselves as 'Holistic Personal Trainers', helping you find the gaps in your lifestyle and fill them with simple strategies that get results.

Here's 7 Reasons Why People Choose UPLifting Wellness

  • 1

    Professional Service

    We believe everyone is doing their best - if they knew how to do it better, the would! Our trainers are here to help you get results, and its more than just a great understanding of how the body and the mind works - it's the professional and personal touches that add to the experience.

  • 2

    Holistic Approach

    Just doing hundreds or reps in the gym, being told to 'just eat clean' or run until you feel sick doesn't work. It's an integrated approach of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth that leads to true lifestyle change and lasting results.

  • 3

    Tailored, Personalised Programs

    Whether its Personal Training, Life Coaching or one of our Programs, you can expect a personalised and tailored approach. While we have principles that every body needs, there are also personal differences between individuals that makes us all unique, and we need to understand these to get our results.

  • 4

    Based On Up-To-Date, Cutting Edge Research

    We are always keeping up with what's new. All of our trainers have a science background and are always extending their knowledge on biochemistry, nutrition, neuroplasticity, physiology and psychology to make sure you get results in a safe, sound and proven way.

  • 5

    We Make It Fun

    Whatever fun is for you, we'll find it. Whether its a need for variety, or the details why you're doing something. Maybe its having educational sessions or perhaps you just like to chat and have a laugh - we'll make the tough stuff easy(er).

  • 6

    A Community Of Support And Like Minded People

    UPLifting Wellness has a club feel to it. Our community know eachother, cheer eachother on and encourage eachother, celebrate eachother's successes and share ideas that have worked for them. UPLifting Wellness also holds social events and many members of our community now work out together too. It all adds to the fun and adds to your ability to get results.

  • 7

    Results Focused

    Our experience in the industry and our learnings from other industries, plus many years of personal experience means we get results, and our programs are tailored to getting you results. We also know there is more than one way, so we will always be adapting programs for individual differences and always learning more to deliver the best results to you, every time!

A Note From Mark And Sharon


Welcome to UPLifting Wellness. Our company has been helping people get in shape and re-define their lives for over 10 years now, through personal fitness programs and life coaching techniques. Whether you want to make a radical change to your health and fitness or your just searching for the next step, our trainers will guide you through the minefiled of information to get you to the results you're looking for. Let us know what you're looking for, and we look forward to meeting you in the very near future.

Because you're awesome!"

Mark and Sharon

Meet Laura

"So the jeans that were tight on me 4 months ago are now way too big! Thanks UPLifting Wellness for helping me with my workouts, nutrition and showing me how to make the changes last. I never realised how much of a difference a few small changes would really make!"

Laura Fox

5 Steps To UPLifting Wellness

  • 1. Move Well

    Start by getting your body moving – and move well to prevent injury and start your body on the track for moving easily how you want to be able to use it

  • 2. Fuel Your Workouts And Recover Well

    Fuel your workouts to be able to perform at your best, then recover well because this is when your body changes – then wake up ready to hit the ground running and perfrom again the next day

  • 3. Master Your Mindset

    Your thinking is the captain of the ship – it gives the commands and your body follows. Change your mindset with our unique coaching methods to ensure the capatin is giving the right orders for your body to follow

  • 4. Emotional Control and Intelligence

    Emotions can hold us back or drive us forward – not always in the right direction. By developing emotional intelligence and control you can ensure your emotions are always driving you in the right direction

  • 5. Emopwer and Inspire Others

    At this point in the journey, it’s time to give back. Learn the influence of leadership to help and guide others through the journey you have taken – making the world a happier and healthier place

The 4 Pillars Of Wellness

Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, Environment

Each is as important as the other. Many people fail on their wellness journeys because they only focus on 1 or 2 of these areas - all 4 are essential for lasting results. Register free to find out more.

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