5 Elements Of Peak Performance

Peak Performance is an area that has interested my since I was a little boy. I didn’t call it peak performance back then, I just knew it as dreams and aspirations – which is what peak performance is really about, because there is a peak performance paradox… you never actually achieve peak performance. You can perform at your peak for that moment, but there is always more – just like Olympic and world records keep being broken – there is always that strive for ‘more’.

So even though peak performance cannot be define as a destination, there are definitely some key bench marks along the way, and the first mile-stone is health. Again, health is a continuum – there are varying levels of health, but in the context of peak performance, if you don’t have good health, good energy levels and vitality, it’s difficult to do what is nessecarry to perform and your personal peak. People I have worked with who have started at this point, typically know they are capable of more – and that’s ok, because everyone starts somewhere. As many of you have heard me say in the past, “It’s what you do next that counts’.

So what I really wanted to share with you is our new formula for peak performance – it will help you identify your key area for growth to achieve the next level of performance, in any area of your life. There are 5 elements:

Mindset, state, nutrition, physical and environment – if any one of these areas does not support your personal peak performance, your energy will drop and you will find yourself struggling to complete the tasks you need to do, to be great at your ‘thing’. Most people refer to this as burn-out.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you calibrate where you are at with these 5 elements.

  1. Take note of your self talk. This is a window into your thinking patterns, your focus and your mindset. Notice through the day how often you are being supportive, positive and understanding, and notice how often you are being judgemental, negative or dismissive. Also notice what you say to yourself – does your inner voice taking care of you?
  2. Keep a mood diary – this is the simplest way for you to begin to notice your ‘state’ – and challenge yourself to describe specifically how you feel. Not just good or bad, or limited to 4-5 emotions – begin to understand the difference between excitment, anxiety, happy, proud, apprehensive, empowered, determined, courageous… you get the picture. These are all emotional ‘states’ and all have a different effect on your performance and decisions.
  3. Avoid simple sugars and processed sugars for 5 days. The effect of simple sugars on the body is a topic for another blog, but in my 10 years of experience in the health, fitness and personal development industry, this is the single biggest influencer of people’s long term health and short term energy levels. This doesn’t mean don’t eat any sugar or avoid carbohydrates, it just means avoid foods with sugar added (most processed foods) and don’t add sweeteners to your foods (sugar, sauces etc) – just 5 days!
  4. Mover for 30min every day. It doesn’t have to be crazy! Just a simple 30min walk. Commit to this for 1 week.
  5. Change something about your house. Clean out your bathroom, cull old clothes from your wardrobe, tidy your office desk or hang a new picture. If you want to really add impact, take an hour to create a vision board and put it on the wall somewhere.

Take 5 min now to plan these 5 tasks into your week and commit to doing them for 5 days. Your productivity and motivation will increase as well as greater focus and drive through your week.