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7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

OK, so it seems I am getting a common themes of questions this week… Which can all be very generally translated as:
Why can’t I lose weight?

So here are some of the common mistakes people make about weight loss.

1. Forget about vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the key to ideal body chemistry. Your body is a complex mix of chemical reactions and vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to run optimally. Therefore, if your body is NOT running optimally, you will NOT get optimal results. A simple change in nutrition can help appetite, sugar cravings, mood, energy levels, fat distribution and body composition.

Start taking a pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin and notice the differences it creates.

2. There is no change planned for the end of their ‘weight loss’

Many people go on a diet, or Heath program for a few weeks to achieve weight loss, then they go back to how they were before the program. Quite simply, what ever they were doing before the program created the body they had before. If they go back to doing the same, they will get the same result.

Before starting a weight loss program, decide what behaviours must change after the program to maintain the result, then make a plan to stick to it.

3. Their goal is weight loss

Losing weigh is like losing your keys; whenever something is lost, your unconscious automatically goes to work to find it. In addition to this, your unconscious has no perception of time, there is only now, therefore in order to lose weight you must have weight to lose – which means you will unconciously hold on to some weight.

Change the goal of weight loss to something like ‘healthy living’ or ‘shape change’

4. What the want now is a greater driver than what they want in 12 weeks

There is often a conflict when changing a habit. For example, a person may need to substitute chocolate for salad, but the emotional payoff NOW for having chocolate is greater than the payoff LATER of losing weight.

Be clear EVERY DAY of what you are working towards and know the emotional reward of achieving the result, otherwise immediate emotional wants will win every time.

5. They make excuses

Excuses are just logical justifications to make ourselves feel better. If you al low yourself to indulge in the excuses you will let yourself off the hook every time.

Catch yourself making excuses and just do what needs to be done to achieve what you want to achieve. Excuses just get in the way.

6. They think of weight loss like work – 9-5 then a break on weekends

A healthy weight is a lifestyle. It’s not work, it has to happy all the time. A weekend ‘off’ is enough to undo the progress of the week plus add extra challenges to your health, energy levels and mood. If you think of healthy living as a job, or hard work, there is likely to be some deeper challenges for you to overcome.

Decide what healthy living really is for you and make the changes to live it now. If you don’t see the change you expect, it’s not healthy enough. Refine it, do it, reassess and adjust.

7. Measure your progress and check in

People who successfully maintain weight loss regularly check in to re-assess that they are still where they want to be. The goal posts haven’t moved, they just check that they are sill level with the goal posts.