A Lesson From My Garden

I have a lime tree in a pot on my drive way which I walk past every day.  About 4 weeks ago it flowered and for the first time we had the start of some green, juicy limes

But… That was it! I’ve been checking them for weeks and they’ve just stayed the same.  They’ve not died, but they’ve not grown and ripened – its like they were just dormant, waiting for something.

I made sure I watered it every day, I put a handfull of fertilizer in the pot, but still nothing changed after a week.  So I decided to get serious – I went to every man’s favorite shop, Bunnings, and found specific citrus plant fertilizer, added it to the pot, watered it well, and waited…

In just 2 days the limes have begun to fill – to grow and begin to ripen!

This tree, was just like a person – survining on the basic nutrients, but not fulfilling its full potential because it was missing just a few key nutrients, which leads me to the question I’d love to ask you, “What is your body missing out on and what difference would filling that gap make?”

Most people miss out on key nutrients becuase:

  • The don’t eat enough or a range of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • The vegetables they do have are low in nutrients because they are not local or are not as fresh as they could be
  • The fresh produce doesn’t contain a full compliment of nutrients becuase of low nutrient soils and limited fertilizers

For these reasons it is recommended that people take a mutivitamin to support their bodies.

This suggestion comes with a word of warning – Not all multivitamins are as good as you think they are.

So here are some guidelines when choosing a multivitamin:

  1. Get a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin (most are food standard)
  2. Do some research – most multivitamins have the ‘minimum daily amount’ – this is enough to prevent deficincy diseases, not enough to help your body deal with the stresses of 2012 living
  3. Choose a multivitamin that guarantees its potency or bio-availability – this means that what’s in the pill, gets to where it needs to be.
  4. Check out the company’s claims and guarantees – a good brand will stand by its product with a serious guarantee

So start giving your body the nutrition it really needs and notice how much of a difference it makes to your day-to-day life.