Lighten UP! Exercise Library

Pick a leg exercise, a push exercise and a pull exercise - do each one for 1 minute - repeat 3x... Simple!


Single Leg Step-ups

This is another great 'Do Anywhere' exercise. Make sure you drive from the hip and keep your knee in line with your middle toe.

Do it as part of a circuit, add it to the middle of a run or use it as a stand-alone leg workout exercise.

This exercise trains the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals as well as challenging balance and stability

Lunges With A Twist

The Lunge and Twist adds an extra dimention of training to the standard lunge. This exercise trains all the muscles of the legs (glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves) while also training core strength and balance. This exercise is great for functional training and sports conditioning

Phantom Chair

This PT session favorite is great for strengthening the legs and building endurance - perfect for the ski season. This exercise is both physically and mentally challenging. Check out the video test how tough you are - how long can you hold the phantom chair?


Tricep Pushup

All you need for this exercise is your own body weight. This simple exercise is guaranteed to shape your triceps and shoulders. The secret to success is to keep your elbows as close to your body as possible throughout the move. Don't be deceived - its tougher than it looks - but it works!

Plate Pass Pushup

This simple adaptation of the basic pushup will add an extra challenge to your shoulders, core and even get some of your back muscles working. This exercise is great for improving overall strength and shoulder stability.


Body Weight Pull Up

The Body Weight Pull Up is a great exercise for training all the muscles of the back, plus biceps and core. Perfect if you want to build your strength but can't lift your whole body weight yet.

Back exercises are also typically difficult to achieve without equipment - this one is just right to add in to a run or outdoor workout - just look out for a horizontal bar. Bike racks and play equipment works very well.

Single Arm Towel Pull

This exercise trains all of the back muscles, along with biceps and back of the shoulders. The movment is great for developing dynamic shoulder stability and activates more mucles (and in different ways), than your regular straight line exercises.

Oh, and it can be done anywhere... that has a solid vertical structure and a towel or rope.


Up Down Plank

This progression of the basic plank is a great way to dynamically train your core muscles, requiring constant restabilization, making this a great functional exercise training your abs and deep core muslces (and sorry about the wind... you'll be able to work it all out tho)

SAFETY NOTE: Stop immediately if you feel discomfort in your lower back.

Core Leg Extentions

This exercise is great for shaping your six pack or strengthening your spine. The key is to keep everything braced and still exept your legs - the ab workout comes from the deep stabilisation required, including the 6 pack muscle (rectus abdominus).

Important Note: The key to safe technique is AVOIDING arching your lower back as you extend the leg. Stop immediately if you can no longer stabilize or feel discomfort in your back