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5 Elements Of Peak Performance

Peak Performance is an area that has interested my since I was a little boy. I didn’t call it peak performance back then, I just knew it as dreams and aspirations – which is what peak performance is really about, because there is a peak performance paradox… you never actually achieve peak performance. You can…

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Top 4 Tips For A Rocking Start To 2015

First of all…. Merry Christmas!!! We hope Santa was kind to you this year and you made it to the top of his ‘nice’ list! But now that Christmas is behind us, we find ourselves in a uniquely special time of the year; a time to finish one part and start the next! If you…

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food journal

6 Steps To Healthy Eating Habits

Welcome to Spring! And with a change in season, often comes a change in eating habits, so we thought today would be a good time to refresh your memories on the Uplifting 6 Steps To Healthy Eating Habits. Before we get started with the 6 steps though, it is important to remember a couple of…

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The Role Of Ego In Self Motivation

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be more self motivated than others? There are many factors in this, and one of the most significant is our inner dialogue or ego. Let’s start by understanding ego. Ego is neither good nor bad – ego is within all of us and it is often…

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Avoiding allergies this Spring

Avoiding Alergies This Spring

Spring is here and I’ve already heard of people stocking up on anti-histamines in preparation for the onslought of allergens this season brings.  Until a few years ago, I was one of these people, until I learned what was really going on with my body. Did you know that allergic responses are caused by your…

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What are you training for?

What Are You Training For?

Having an event to train towards is a much more powerful way to achieve your goals. There’s something about traing for an event that kicks in a different kind of motivation and a resourceful pressure to get prepared for the event.  Events quickly take care of goal dates, training focus and measuring your outcomes –…

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Woman Measuring Stomach

7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

OK, so it seems I am getting a common themes of questions this week… Which can all be very generally translated as: Why can’t I lose weight? So here are some of the common mistakes people make about weight loss. 1. Forget about vitamins and minerals Vitamins and minerals are the key to ideal body…

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A Lesson From My Garden

I have a lime tree in a pot on my drive way which I walk past every day.  About 4 weeks ago it flowered and for the first time we had the start of some green, juicy limes But… That was it! I’ve been checking them for weeks and they’ve just stayed the same.  They’ve…

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Mindset Tip #2

Mindset Tip #2: Avoid using the phrase “Weight Loss Program” There are 2 tricks that this pharse plays on the mind.  Firstly, a program has a start and an end.  When the program ends, what happens next?  If you go back to old habbits, you’ll get the old body back.  This is why we use…

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It All Starts With The Mind

It all starts with the mind!  Have you ever tried doing a task that you just didn’t feel like doing or your mind just wasn’t on the job?  Did it feel difficult, slow, hard work plus a feeling like you just couldn’t wait for it to end?  Sound familiar? Now imagine this was your mindset…

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