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5 Elements Of Peak Performance

Peak Performance is an area that has interested my since I was a little boy. I didn’t call it peak performance back then, I just knew it as dreams and aspirations – which is what peak performance is really about, because there is a peak performance paradox… you never actually achieve peak performance. You can…

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What are you training for?

What Are You Training For?

Having an event to train towards is a much more powerful way to achieve your goals. There’s something about traing for an event that kicks in a different kind of motivation and a resourceful pressure to get prepared for the event.  Events quickly take care of goal dates, training focus and measuring your outcomes –…

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Woman Measuring Stomach

7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

OK, so it seems I am getting a common themes of questions this week… Which can all be very generally translated as: Why can’t I lose weight? So here are some of the common mistakes people make about weight loss. 1. Forget about vitamins and minerals Vitamins and minerals are the key to ideal body…

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