Discover The 12 Keys Of High Performing Athletes For Peak Business Success

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How To Influence Transformation & Growth In Your Business Through Transforming Your Mind & Body

Are you an executive, senior manager or business owner in a high performance role, who earns over $250,000 pa, who’s time is valuable and you know you need to look after yourself and are looking for networking opportunities while also building, growing or taking your business to the next level

The High Perfroming Executive Program

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Discover The 12 Keys Of High Performance Athletes For You To Succeed In Business

Since the times of the Spartan Warrior and the Roman Gladiators, athletes have been admired and revered for their mental fortitude and physical ability.

Through our years of work with high performance athletes, we’ve recognised there are 12 key characteristics that all elite athletes possess. These 12 key characteristics are what allows them to perform at their peak, week after week, and stay at the top of their game for many years.

These same 12 Key Characteristics have also helped many men and women transform their businesses and careers, and these are all characteristics anyone can adopt and implement, whether you’re running a marathon, starting a business or the CEO of a multinational company.

You Have More In Common With Athletes Than You May Think

Hi, we are Mark and Sharon, owners of Executive Edge. Over the past 15 years, we have each helped many people, just like you, transform their lives, their careers and their businesses.

Their results have included:

  • Tripled Revenue In 12 Months


  • Opening Up New, High-Paying Career Opportunities After Years Of Feeling Stuck In Their Role

  • Taken confliceted teams and lead them to become co-operateive, highly functioning teams


  • Significantly decreasing the number of hours worked, while still getting everything done, giving them more quality time with their family and playing golf


  • Improving their relationships with their spouse and children though stress management, priority management and most importantly, developing their powers of influence.


  • Overcome significant health problems preventing them from performing at work, in order to become more present and productive

  • Building the self-confidence to be truly successful

  • Connecting people with the right team mates to start winning the game of business

Having been pretty fit for most of my life it was disconcerting to see how I had let myself get to over 105 kgs and sedentary in my mid forties with a busy career. So I decided to do something about it and started training by myself. However, after a number false starts, I realised that I needed help - that's when a friend recommended that I start training with Uplifting Wellness. That was 10 months ago and I have to say that my life has changed. I have far more energy, I am more alert and engaged at work, I have a new zest for life, I am more relaxed and more productive, and I've lost 10kg. It's basically changed my life and without being too melodramatic.... I owe that to Uplifting Wellness!

Paul Lakey, General Manager Development (WA), Peet

The Peak Performance Promise

  • Improved, Sustained High Energy Levels

    When your energy is up, your decisions are faster, better and you feel like doing more in your day, even after work, giving you the time to get more done at work and have time to enjoy with your family or social life outside of work.

  • Resiliance And Stress Managment Strategies Of Elite Athletes

    Stress is the kryptonite of the modern executive. Discover stress managment strategies from the corporate and sporting world for a long, healthy career.

  • Develop The 'Wellness' Mindset

    Health and wellness is done 7 days per week, 24h per day – it’s not something that just sits at the bottom of your to do list, it belongs at the top. Learn how to easily incorporate health and wellbeing strategies into a busy executive diary.

  • Build A High Quality Executive Network

    We all know networking is the key to success, in business and in life. Connect with other high performing executives to learn, grow and train as a team – on and off the field.

  • Achieve More In Less Time

    You’ve heard the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’, but it’s easy to sometimes fall into the trap of ‘just doing one more task’. Discover how to optimize your time to work on high value tasks and projects.

  • Get The Competitive Edge On Your Competition

    The single most important factor in your company’s growth is you. So who do you need to become, in order to take your business to the next level? This program promises to guide you through this journey.

Mark and Sharon have been instrumental in overhaulling my overall wellness, covering physical fitness and nutrition, to mental wellbeing and performance. This overhaul has enabled me to reprioritise my goals with renewed focus, motivation and energy. I've also noticed a distinct decrease in stress and I'm able to work through problems much faster than before.

Dainel Ow, Rio Tinto

12 Keys Of World Class Athletes

We have developed this program for the executive, managment and business owner world based on a combined experience of over 30 years, of helping individuals and athletes become the best they can be and perform at an elite level. Through years of studying and working with these people, we've created 12 Key Mindset Principles that can be transferred into the corporate arena to help you become an elite performer in your own corporate game.

Your body is simply an extension of your mind - everything is connected. All behaviours, habits, actions all start with an intent. Whether it be as simple as a smile, or the act of picking up the phone to sell a $1m deal - your body makes thoughts reality.

  • Know Your Purpose And Vision, Before Buying Fancy Equipment

    Discover what really makes you tick. What really makes you get out of bed in the morning. What your own personal power can create – because only then, with the right tools in your hands, will amazing things become reality.

  • Quality vs Quantity

    Quality wins out over quantity every time. You are now far too busy to work on the basis of quantity. Quality is how you get more done, faster, with higher value results.

  • Speed training for fast decision skills

    Elite athletes, in any sport, make fast decisions. Just like in business, a lack of decisive action can paralyse a business

  • Mental Strength And Accellerated Recovery (Resiliance)

    When the going gets tough, do you have the resiliance to keep going, without breaking down (mentally or physically)? Elite athletes are elite becuase they train hard, but also know when to recover so they can train hard again tomorrow.

  • Master Your Inner Dialogue

    Language shapes you reality – what you tell yourself has the ability to drag you down or raise you up. What do you tell yourself when it seems like the only person in your corner is you?

  • Learn To Know Yourself

    Your mind and your body knows exactly what it needs, and if you listen, it will tell you. It starts of as a whisper, but if the whispers are ignored, they turn into shouts – and when you hear your body and mind shouting, it’s too late. Learn to tune into the whispers.

  • Get Smart - Play The Game With Wisdom

    This one we learnt from karate masters. They weren’t the fastest, nor the most agile, but they always seemed to know exactly what to do and when. And they always seemed to what was just right for them. Become a master of your corporate space.

  • Fuel Your Growth - Learn, Learn, Learn

    In corporate language, this is innovation. But in order to innovate, and grow, you must first learn something you didn’t previously know. Innovation is a product of first learning, then growing, followed by implementation.

  • Celebrate Your Wins

    Every milestone, every achievement, every small step – it must be acknowledged and celebrated, for yourself and your team.

  • Contribute

    Make it all worth something bigger than you, something bigger than your company. How will you use your superpowers for good?

These 12 simple principles have helped hundreds of clients transfrom their lives and rapidly increase the performance, productivity and profitablity of their workplace.

Who Is This For?

CEOs, Execuitves, Senior Managers and Business Owners who earn upwards of $250,000pa, believe their time is valuable, are willing to work with and network with like minded individuals and are serious about getting noticably better results in their business without costing them more time or their health.

Who Is This NOT For?

People who are expecting overnight results, expect results 'off the shelf' or anyone not willing to invest in themselves to grow into the person they need to become for new results.

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