"Discover The 12 Keys Of High Performing Athletes To Give You A High Performing Career"

The High Performing Executive Program

Because health and wellbeing is the foundation of high performance in all areas of life

If you are a high perfoming executive looking to continue to perform at your peak and beleive that health and wellbeing is at the core of personal performance, then this program is for you.

Your health and wellbeing is at the core of everything you do. This program combines physical fitness training, executive mindset coaching and business networking to show you how to perform at your peak, day after day, giving you a long career and high quality family and social life.

This program is NOT for people looking for a get fit quick scheme, nor is it for information gatheres. This is for committed professionals who are serious about improving their boardroom performance, their bedroom performance and ensuring a long healthy life in a high pressure environment.

Discover The Athlete Within And Transfer Those Skills To Work

The executive myth is to work harder to get a better result - chances are you already work hard. The key is to recover well. This doesn't mean just not be in the office. This means to eat well, train well and recover well to grow fitter, healthier and stronger for the next day. Why turn up the same as yesterday?

To use an athletic phrase, at UPLifting Wellness we believe your next workout is only as good as your last recovery... The same applies to the corporate world.

The Peak Performance Promise

  • Improved Energy Levels

    When your energy is up, your decisions are faster, better and you feel like doing more in your day, even after work, giving you the time to get more done at work and have time to enjoy with your family or social life outside of work.

  • Greater Resiliance and Stress Managment

    Stress is the kryptonite of the modern executive. Discover stress managment strategies from the corporate and sporting world for a long, healthy career.

  • Create The 'Wellness' Lifestyle

    Health and wellness is done 7 days per week, 24h per day – it’s not something that just sits at the bottom of your to do list, it belongs at the top. Learn how to easily incorporate health and wellbeing strategies into a busy executive diary.

  • Build Your Executive Network

    We all know networking is the key to success, in business and in life. Connect with other high performing executives to learn, grow and train as a team – on and off the field.

  • Achieve More In Less Time

    You’ve heard the saying ‘work smarter, not harder’, but it’s easy to sometimes fall into the trap of ‘just doing one more task’. Discover how to optimize your time to work on high value tasks and projects.

Improve your business performance by learning how to apply the top athlete mindset we have learnt from our own athletic expereince, our mentors and from applying these principles with clients for over 10 years.

The program is based on our '4 Pillars Of Wellness and Performance' which addresses movement, nutrition, mindset and environment to create outstanding results.  To achieve this, the program will take you through 5 steps:

12 Keys Of World Class Athletes

  • 1

    Move Well

    Your body is your vehicle, and your's needs to be high performance. Make sure it has the strength, endurance, stamina and agility of high performance machine.

  • 2

    Fuel Your Workouts And Recover Well

    Make sure your body has all the building blocks it needs to make it better than yesterday. As a person, you are the sum of all it's parts, and all those parts need to work well to fuel your day physically and mentally, and to keep going when things get tough.

  • 3

    Master Your Mindset

    How you think directly impacts how you feel, physically and emotionally. Plus, for you as an executive, this will directly impact the business you are responsible for and the employees within it. Remember, only 7% of our communication is what we say - how are your thoughts impacting the other 93%? This program will coach you through this and move you towards being a high performance leader.

  • 4

    Develop Emotional Control and Intelligence

    All humans are emotional beings - its how we connect and drive motivation. This step ensures your emotions are driving you in the right direction and giving you energy, not taking it away. This is also how you enhance relationships at work, at home and between businesses.

  • 5

    Empower And Inspire Others

    Let's face it, you're in a position of leadership and power. How well you influence others and lead a team will probably be the biggest factor in how your company achieves results. Learn how to have your whole team pulling in the same direction.

Are You Curious To Discover More?

If you are a high performing individual who earns over $250,000 pa who's time is valuable and you know you need to look after yourself. If you're willing to commit to 1 session per week, network with other executives and are curious to find out more, then enter your details below and we will call you within 24h to chat with you more about the program, discuss your goals and selection for the program.