UPLifting Wellness 'For Me'

Uplifting Wellness helps individuals create their extraordinary life with an approach to wellbeing that starts from the inside out, your mindset to create the physical results you're after. Check out our services below.

'For Me' Services

  • PT

    Personal Training

    Change your lifestyle to get the health results you are after with our Personal Training Programs. 1:1 training specifically for you focusing on getting you moving well and improving your health and fitness. Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle will all be addressed through these programs.

  • C

    Health and Lifestyle Coaching

    Everything you do starts with a thought, and your results are determined by what you continually do. Coaching aims to uncover hidden motivations, comfort habits, limiting belief systems and help you change these to take complete control of your life and live by a new, empowering set of health values.

  • GT

    Group Training

    Join one of our group workouts or inquire about our small group personal training. These sessions are a great and affordable way to shape your body, improve your fitness, meet friends and challenge yourself.

  • VF

    VitalityFIT for Women - Love The Skin You're In

    This is a 7 week program specifically for women who want to re-discover the secret to loving the skin they're in! This program will give you the steps and strategies to eat well, exercise effectively and most of all, fell confident in who you are.

  • U

    Ultimate Wellness Success Pathway

    Not sure where to start? Or maybe it all sounds good? Ask about our 'client journey' and how you can utilize each of these services at the right time to get the most out of your training and coaching.

The 4 Pillars Of Wellness

Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, Environment

Each is as important as the other. Many people fail on their wellness journeys because they only focus on 1 or 2 of these areas - all 4 are essential for lasting results. Register free to find out more.

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