It All Starts With The Mind

It all starts with the mind!  Have you ever tried doing a task that you just didn’t feel like doing or your mind just wasn’t on the job?  Did it feel difficult, slow, hard work plus a feeling like you just couldn’t wait for it to end?  Sound familiar?

Now imagine this was your mindset EVERY time you tried to do some exercise or take steps towards your body transformation?  Chances are, like many people in Australia and around the world, the program wouldn’t last very long.

This is why mindset is such an important factor – get the mind right and body will follow.

Mindset tip #1: A healthy body is a lifestyle, not a 10 week program or detox diet.

In order to have lasting results, habits need to change and certain behaviours need to become a daily or weekly task.  These behaviours will be different for each individual and what their idea of what a good healthy lifestyle is and what they expect their bodies to be able to do, but lets be honest – you’ve got to keep doing it!