Mindset Tip #2

Mindset Tip #2: Avoid using the phrase “Weight Loss Program”

There are 2 tricks that this pharse plays on the mind.  Firstly, a program has a start and an end.  When the program ends, what happens next?  If you go back to old habbits, you’ll get the old body back.  This is why we use the term lifestyle – its something you do all the time.

The second is the phrase ‘Weight Loss’.

What do you do when you lose something?  Think of the last time you lost your keys.  As soon as you lose something, your mind sets to work trying to find it.  Therefore, when you tell yourself you are focusing on weight loss, your mind tries to ‘find’ your weight again!

If ‘Weight Loss’ is your goal, then this assumes you have weight to lose.  This means you have to keep some weight in order to keep working to your goal!  Confused?  Let me put it another way – weight loss is a process rather than an outcome, so if your goal is a process, you program your mind to continually do it.  Try the phrase ‘body transfomation’ and see how it feels.  This is an outcome which will give you focus.  An even better pharse is one which describes in detail what you are aiming to achieve.

Test it and let me know how you go.