1. Intro To Mindset


This is the key to successful change - this is what makes it easy! The body can not do anything that is not first perceived by the mind. This is where we usually start pulling out all the motivational phrases, quotes and memes, but that's what Facebook is for. This bit is for the action takers! Your mind is the captain of the ship - more specifically, your unconscious mind is the captain of the ship - it is 93% of you brain power. So if you're not sailing in the direction you want, or you don't even know which direction to head in, this is for you.

Intro To Mindset

People talk about mindset all the time, but what is it?

Mindset is a term that refers to how the mind controls your body. Your brain controls EVERYTHING you do; from choosing what to eat, how to move and complex 'problem solving' through to body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. Think about what happens to your body when you watch a scary movie - breathing changes, heart rate increases, maybe you begin to perspire, you jump easily... But you're just sitting on the couch. This is because your mindset creates your reality. Do you want to know what's REALLY cool? You can change it!...And it's easier than you might think! what if all the thing you know you SHOULD do, became automatic? Well, the first steps to achieving this are in these modules.

Mindset Myths

Mindset change is NOT mind control. If you are worried about mind control, switch of your TV and get off the internet... Really! We are not set or programmed a specific way - Your nervous system is ALWAYS changing and learning - every day, every hour, every minute until your time is up. This has spawned a relatively new science of 'neuroplasticity'.

Perception = Reality

Here's One For The Movie Fans

Neo: So if you die in the matrix, you die here? Morpheus: Your body cannot live without the mind. Neo: But I thought the Matrix wasn't real Morpheus: Your mind makes it real.

Ok, I know this is from the movies and its all make believe, but it poses the question, "What is real?" How can 2 people see the same thing and have a different account of the event? How can 2 people with the same experiences have different outlooks on life? The answer is perception. How we percieve the world and the meaning we give things and events shape our view and how we filter information. Change your filters and you change your focus and results.

So, what next?

The next modules are designed to take you through an introduction to mindset that will allow you to master your mind and discover how quickly change can really be made.