April ’13

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[text_bar_1 background=”#66b7e1″ + width=”100%”]NUTRITION – Are You Eating Enough Fat?[/text_bar_1]

food journalDid you know that fats keep you fuller for longer?  For many years now fats have been made out to be the ‘bad guy’ of eating, and every supermarket you walk into now has as many ‘reduced fat’ or ‘fat free’ products as there are standard products.

The reason fats got a bad name 20 years ago came with the creation of calorie restricted diets – the easiest way to restrict calories is to cut out fat because each gram of fat has 7 calories compared with 4 calories in each gram of carbohydrates.


Fats keep you fuller for longer, which means you’ll eat less throughout the day, in turn reducing calories!  Eating carbohydrates on their own (because you chose the fat free version) will make you hungry quicker, causing you to consume MORE carbohydrate rich foods.

To add to this, when fats are taken out of a food, sugars are usually added, in turn often making them less filling, more calorie dense, less healthy and ultimately undoing what you are intending to do by choosing them!

The solution – eat foods with a blend of carbohydrates AND good quality fats (the unsaturated ones). Some saturated fats are OK, but keep these to a minimum unless you are training for a marathon or have an active job.

[text_bar_1 background=”#66b7e1″ + width=”100%”]EXERCISE – The Walk Workout[/text_bar_1]

Woman Measuring StomachDid you know that going for a 60 min moderate pace walk can increase your calorie burning for the day by 15 to 25%?

A moderate pace walk is a pace that is faster than a leisurely stroll, but comfortably able to maintain a conversation.  Going for a run for 60 min or doing a boxing class will definitely burn more calories, consistency is the key.  A 60 min walk 7 days of the week will easily equal the same number of calories as 45 mins of strenuous cardio vascular exercise 3 times a week, and if you’re not that into working REALLY hard, then a walk might be just what you need – because consistency is the number 1 most important factor in getting results.

[content_box_yellow width=”85%”][two_columns_1]Pro’s Of Low Intensity Workouts

  • Easy to get motivated
  • Can be done every day
  • Low stress on body leading to more effective fat burning
  • Can be a more social experience
  • Anyone can do it
  • Workout can be sustained for longer periods
  • Easier to make part of a daily routine
[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Cons Of Low Intensity Workouts

  • More calories can be burnt in the same amount of time at higher intensity
  • Something is always better than nothing, but research suggest for best fat burning, low intensity workouts need to be longer than 45 min
  • Metabolic rate returns to normal straight after exercise, where as high intensity exercise can increase metabolic rate for up to 2h post workout
  • Limited strength and fitness gains
  • Needs to be done AT LEAST 5x, preferably 6-7x each week for best results

Ultimately, the best workout structure throughout a week is a mix of high intensity cardio, resistance training and low intensity cardio, but remember, something is ALWAYS better than nothing and a consistent routine of low to moderate intensity cardio might be just what you need to get going and kick start the body shape of your dreams.

[text_bar_1 background=”#66b7e1″ + width=”100%”]MINDSET – The Power Of Goals[/text_bar_1]

image concept de stratégie marketing (valider / accepter)Goals are what get us out of bed in the morning. Goals are what get us excited about what we are working towards. Goals are what keep us going when the going gets tough. Chances are, if you’ve ever given up on something its because you forgot why you started it in the first place. Goals also let us know when to stop and move on to the next one.

Our brains are goal setting machines – every task is a goal set and achieved, from picking up a coffee cup, to typing a work on your computer, answering a phone call through to earning your first $1m dollars.

But we tend to be stronger with the immediate goals (picking up a coffee cup) than the bigger goals that take more time or have many steps to them.

Let’s face it, sometimes the effort needed to achieve a goal can sometimes seem like ‘hard work’ or there may be ‘less enjoyable’ tasks that are essential for the bigger picture.  Its times like these that a clear goal MUST be in place, otherwise… Why bother?

Your goal is your BIG REASON WHY. Its the think that makes you get out of bed to go to the gym, the thing that makes you hang around for the final Cycle class track, the thing that gets you through the last sets and reps.  The reason people stop is because they get caught up in the details, the process of what they are doing.

So what’s your goal?

  1. Start by taking your mind forward to when you’ve achieved your goal and notice, what you see, hear and feel.  See it through your own eyes and notice how excited and happy you feel for achieving it.
  2. Write down the date you will achieve it by – It MUST be a calendar date (calendar dates get closer each day)
  3. Write down how you know when you’ve achieved it. It must be a tangible measure, not a feeling – and be as specific as possible.
  4. Write down all the little mile stones (mini-goals) leading up to the big one – remember to put a date again.
  5. Keep these somewhere handy and look at them every day for the first week, then every Sunday night until you achieve them.

And remember to let us know how you go!

[text_bar_1 background=”#66b7e1″ + width=”100%”]SUCCESS STORIES[/text_bar_1]

Congratulations to Leonie Taylor who has been training hard over the past months in preparation for her wedding… which was last weekend!

We are happy to share that Leonie looked stunning as bride and many months of hard work all paid off for their big day.

And how’s this for commitment – they even came to our bootcamp session the morning of their wedding!

Congratulations again Leonie and Ben. Wishing you many happy memories and exciting experiences together!

[text_bar_1 background=”#66b7e1″ + width=”100%”]UPCOMING EVENTS[/text_bar_1]

Drum roll……….

This weekend we are re-launching the ‘Vitality Fit Outdoor Series’.

Come along Saturday morning 8:30am to Market Square Park in Subiaco to experience a workout to kick start your weekend followed by a refreshing healthy post-workout snack, during which time we’ll also be sharing with you tips to help you get your results faster, easier and have some fun along the way.

8:30am – 10am (workout 45min)

First week FREE!

[text_bar_1 background=”#66b7e1″ + width=”100%”]PRODUCT OF THE MONTH – USANA Essentials[/text_bar_1]

Did you know that most people don’t eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis?  This means that most people are not getting the right about of vitamins and minerals from their diet alone and current lifestyles mean its easy to choose ‘quick and easy’ meals over high nutrition meals.  This is where supplements can help.  Supplements are not meant to replace healthy eating, they are meant to ‘fill the gaps’ – but these gaps, left unchecked can lead to long term chronic illness and problems in the future that are starting now.

Essentials provide the fundamental nutrition that every adult body needs.

We recommend USANA because:

  1. Science is at the heart of everything they do. USANA has a dedicated R&D team making sure the best quality is delivered in every product.
  2. First Class ingredients make a first class product. Pharmaceutical grade, scientifically-proven and clinically tested ingredients.
  3. Unmatched potency guarantee. What is on the label is what is in the tablet and each batch is verified. Most ‘off-the-shelf’ vitamins are governed by food standards and are allowed to have 15% variation.
  4. Dependable, high quality manufacturing. Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing with strict control procedures and regular government inspections.
  5. Athlete Guarantee. All USANA supplements are guaranteed to pass every athlete drug test – this is why USANA is trusted by more than 600 professional and Olympic athletes

For more information the Essentials, click here to read more.

To order your Essentials, click here or call us to discuss what your body needs – 1300 764 919

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