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Yoga - Coming Soon

Yoga is a great way to train the body and the mind which is complimentary to most training programs and great for your overall health and well being. We will have 3 Yoga sessions for you to choose from starting from July - so book it in your diary and get ready for your healthiest winter yet!

Saturday Circuit

Come and experience what everone is talking about and see how you can have fun, transform your body and learn the secret to the small changes that make the biggest difference. The Saturday circuit is the ideal way to kick-start your weekend with our friendly community. Each Saturday circuit is followed by a 15min power talk about nutrition, exercise, recovery or mindset.

Wednesday Warrior Workout

Every Wednesday we'll be running the Wednesday Warrior Workout. It's been inspired by our Tough Mudder training so it will be circuit style training with an interval and power focus. The workout aims to create a session that will vary week to week, but create a sense of team work and friendly competition to challenge every week.

The 4 Pillars Of Wellness

Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, Environment

Each is as important as the other. Many people fail on their wellness journeys because they only focus on 1 or 2 of these areas - all 4 are essential for lasting results. Register free to find out more.

We're never far away - Say Hi!

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