PT Business Blueprint

Learn the guaranteed system to earn you a 6 figure income in less than 12 months

Let's face it, Personal Training is a physically and metally demanding career that can be stressful if not managed well.

I love Personal Training, and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life, but I've seen far too many great PTs go out of business becuase they didn't nail the basics, they burnt out or lost their spark. So here's my frist pointer... To continue to make a differenct to people's lives - to continue to show them how awesome they are, you've got to be able to pay your bills AND stay fresh enough to bring the energy EVERY day.

So let's say you've got the hang of the initial months of PT - well done! You're already doing better than most, but now you're busy - you don't have time to do lead generation, and you really want to be able to sleep more to get the most from your training - what you really want is a holiday! Step 2 is being able to grow with you business and adapt your strategies for a sustainable career.

But probably the most important bit about being a PT is, what's your special sauce? And more importantly, how do you sell it? This is what makes you you - this is what your clients come to you for - week after week.

Done-for-you Templates, Step-by-step guides And Training Modules For Every Phase Of Your Business

So you can focus on what you love - Personal Training and workouts!

We've split the blueprint into each business area and broken it down for you to focus on what's most important depending upon the phase of your business. PLUS, we'll teach you what to look out for and how to transition to each phase of your growth to increase your income AND your free time instead of getting stuck in the time for money trap.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our program comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't earn over $100,000 plus in your first 12 months, we'll refund your whole investment, plus, you get to keep all the resources you recieve valued at over $15,000.

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