The Role Of Ego In Self Motivation

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be more self motivated than others? There are many factors in this, and one of the most significant is our inner dialogue or ego.

Let’s start by understanding ego. Ego is neither good nor bad – ego is within all of us and it is often referred to as our inner voice or inner child. It serves one key function – to keep us safe. That inner voice often says whether something is a good thing to do or not, and it is rarely logical.

But you can control it and change it, especially if you need that inner voice to work for you rather than against you. This is the true key to self motivation.

The first step to positive self talk and true self motivation, is to get a clear idea of how your ego is working for you, because sometimes ego gets stuck in the past, focusing on past goals. And because ego is something that has always been there, first we must tune into it.

  1. Learn to tune into your inner dialogue / inner voice / ego. How can you do this? Keep a thought diary for 1 week. Carry a notebook with you everywhere, or use your phone note function, or dictate your thoughts. Simply write down what you notice you tell yourself.
  2. While completing task 1, re-connect with your goals. With your goal in mind, you’ll be able to see if your inner dialogue is working for you or against you.
  3. Reflect on your thoughts for the week and notice, is what you are telling yourself helping you take the action you need, or is it holding you back from the action you should be taking?
  4. Write down all the things you need to tell yourself to achieve your goal. They could be quotes, catch phrases or mantras – write them down, stick them up around your house – program them into your brain, so you can use them whenever you catch yourself using the limiting self talk.
  5. Commit to following ALL of these steps. Remember, awareness is 80% of the journey, but change happens in the final 20% of action.

Follow these steps and notice how your ego starts to become your own best friend and personal cheer squad for your success.