Top 4 Tips For A Rocking Start To 2015

First of all…. Merry Christmas!!! We hope Santa was kind to you this year and you made it to the top of his ‘nice’ list! But now that Christmas is behind us, we find ourselves in a uniquely special time of the year; a time to finish one part and start the next!

If you really want to make 2015 a truly amazing year, and make the most of every moment, then there are a couple of must-do tasks in order to hit the ground running from the 1st (or maybe the 2nd) of January. Whatever you do, don’t wait until February to get started… thats already 1/12th of the year gone!

Step 1: Take some time to reflect on the year. The highs, the lows, but most importantly the lessons learnt and things to be grateful for. Whether your year has been amazing or you just can’t wait for it to be over, the thing we are all really looking for is growth. Find the good in the bad and take the lessons forward so you can make new mistakes in 2015 (that’s a good thing by the way)!

Step 2: Have a clean out. Pick a room in your house that you’ve been meaning to ‘get around to sorting out’ and have a real spring clean. Just to avoid any mis-understanding, by Spring clean we mean ‘chuck out’. Any thing old or un-used, throw it away, re-gift it, re-cycle it, sell it… whatever you do, make it useful to someone or make space for something else. This is your 2014 cleanse!

Step 3: Take some time to enjoy the moment – enjoy life right now! Sometimes we get so excited about our goals or how life could or should be, we forget that the really important thing is now. Focusing too much on the future can mean that we miss the opportunities that are here right now. And remember, what you want in the future is just one version of what you ‘think’ you want. What else could it be? Too much to think about? Then just enjoy the now!

Step 4: Start how you wish to continue. Decide on 3 things you will do on the first day of 2015, 3 things to do in the first week and 3 things to do in January that, if done consistently throughout 2015, will make 2015 your best year yet! And, most importantly, commit to doing them!

Do these 4 things over the next few days and we guarantee, the feel of January will continue throughout the year. Whoever you are hanging out with for New Year’s Eve, share these 4 steps, discuss each of these items and just notice over the next few days, what amazing things happen as a result of speaking your intentions.

Happy New Year – We hope your 2015 is Amazing!!!