What are you training for?

What Are You Training For?

Having an event to train towards is a much more powerful way to achieve your goals. There’s something about traing for an event that kicks in a different kind of motivation and a resourceful pressure to get prepared for the event.  Events quickly take care of goal dates, training focus and measuring your outcomes – and your physical goals will be taken care of along the way.

With more and more social and semi competitive events being added to charity and community calendars every year, here are a few tips when choosing an event and giving yourself something to train towards.

Choose something you kinda like

There are many different types of events ranging from walks, cycle, triathalon, adventure racing, obstacle courses, fun runs, iron man and swims just to name a few, so choose something that appeals to what you like.  You don’t have to love it, but it helps to choose something you kinda like doing.
Choose something that is a challenge, but achievable for your event

If you’ve never done anything athletic before, a 4km run may be a good start, however, if a 4km run is a recovery distance, you might want to consider a marathon.  Choose an event that will challenge you. Also, choose a time frame to allow enough time to train for.  For example, prparation for a 4km run may be a month or 2 with a few training sessions per week, while and iron man will more likely take a year and require a lot of training time each week.

Get some pointers on training time and how to prepare

Speak to someone who’s done an event, a friend or a Personal Trainer. Most people are happy to share ideas and tips when you’re making a decision and planning your training program.  The key is to train specifically for the event – conditioning your body to make the event do-able.  Some advice on how long it will take to prepare is also quite valuable

Put it in the calendar

The date is very important.  This is one of the great things about events – they happen on a specific day, so you’ve got to be ready. Put it in the calendar and start counting down the days and checking off the training sessions.

Recruit your friends

Events are always more fun with others. And training is even better. Having a friend or 2 to train with, enjoy spending time with and being accountable to is a great way to motivate your training. Some events are even designed to be done as teams too.

So start searching for the event you’re going to participate in some time in the next 6 months and notice how much easier it becomes to achieve your own personal fitness and shape goals too.